Gaming Conventions and Trends in Casino Industry

In today’s ever-changing global markets it is often that we see new industries are emerging. However, this does not happen overnight, it takes years and years for an industry to develop. Recent news and facts suggest that the gaming industry is one great example of this. It is a relatively new industry but as analysis and statistics show it is one of the biggest today. The earliest records of a video game date as far back as 1940, but it is in the 1970s that the commercial use of video games begins. Ever since it has been growing and setting new trends to become what it is today. Now you can find different segments like console gaming industry, PC gaming industry, casino gaming industry and so on. There are also annual events in the form of conventions and summits.

Global Gaming Expo

Like we mentioned in the paragraph above, there are lots of annual events for gaming fans to enjoy. One major event is the Global Gaming Expo. This annual gaming event first debuted in 2001. It is hosted in Las Vegas and it represents a annual game trade show. This is the place where fans get all the news and facts about upcoming games from their favorite developers. On the other hand, developers have a chance to present new trends in the gaming industry and show analysis, statistics and other interesting news and facts about their upcoming games. In 2007 Global Gaming Expo Asia debuted, which was meant to serve the purposes of the Asian gaming market. But, currently, since the Canadian gaming market has taken such a huge leap in a couple of years we will be seeing tons of options from them, especially Microgaming powered casinos that will become very trendy in a small span of time.

Casino Gaming Industry

The casino gaming industry has become one of the more popular gaming trends recently, according to data analysis and statistics. The casino gaming industry consists of both land and online casino. In these casinos you can enjoy all the best games such as poker, video poker, bingo, blackjack, roulette, slot games and such. Online casinos are a great way to enjoy some of the best games too. You can use your mobile phone in these legal casinos via a mobile app, to make some real money. You can find the best mobile casinos that are legal for real money play at One very cool thing about these online casinos is their casino bonus. One particular casino bonus is the no deposit bonus. What this means is that you get a bonus as soon you sign up, no deposit needed. This casino bonus gives you a head start when betting on your favorite games like bingo, poker, video poker, roulette, blackjack and slot games.

Live Streaming in the Gaming Industry

Live streaming has become a very popular way of broadcasting, especially in the gaming.Most of the major e-sports tournaments are available via this media. The casino gaming industry is no different. There are streamers who prefer sport betting and at the same time there are ones who enjoy e sports more. Either way, there are great tips in these casts, which you can use to make some real money the next time you decide on sport betting or e sports.

Review of Analyzed Statistic and Facts of Gaming industry

Recent data in the gaming industry states that people prefer to play quick competitive games. The reason behind this is probably the fact that we live fast paced lives and people want a quick way to have fun. One popular example for a game like this is Fortnite. It has taken the gaming industry by storm and it is popular everywhere, even in movies.