Convention Displays

Beyond the people who specialize in giving lectures or of the same professionals in sales, make presentations to is often a task that is part of the life of any professional. In any case, keeping the interest of the audience awake, making people understand and engage for the duration of the presentation is one of the main challenges we face when it comes to speaking in front of a group of people. Failure to achieve this means losing a sale, creating a not-very-good impression, or making meetings a real waste of time. This is why, in no small extent, the excellent preparation of the presentations will depend on their success, and that, of course, includes the tools to help you use as slides actually are.

Taking into account that as the internet has evolved they have also been mushrooming of new and innovative tools that allow you to design attractive presentations quickly and easily, it is necessary to take a look at some of these especially taking into account that it is possible that many are not aware of many more alternatives beyond the PowerPoint.

In the particular case of the sellers they represent an invaluable aid to the extent that allows them to have to hand presentations on their devices and show these to any person regardless of the place in which they are located. Here are some of these tools.

  1. Zoho show

It allows you to create slides directly from your browser or through your iOS or Android app and at the same time, edit them in conjunction with other people in real time. It also offers the possibility to create animations and insert videos directly from YouTube. Leaving the slides stored in the cloud, people can access them from anywhere and quickly make their presentations, or they can be exported to formats such as SlideShow, PowerPoint and PDF (it also allows importing various types of files when creating slides such as pptx, etc.).pps. ppsx. odp. sxi). It can be used for free even though it offers plans with improved functionality from us $5 a month.

  1. Slides

Similar to Zoho Show, this tool allows the editing and presentation of the slides directly from the web and any device as well as collaborating with several people in the preparation of the presentations. Something new is that it allows you to use any touch device (such as any smartphone or tablet) as a kind of remote control to control the passage of slides when they are being projected in an auditorium or conference room. All this without the need to download applications.

Although it can be used for free, from the US $ 6 it offers people extra features such as being able to export slides to PDF format or be able to make presentations offline.

  1. Keynote

It is a tool for Mac equipment and iOS devices that are widely used among other things because it is user-friendly and additionally offers beautiful designs and templates. It allows you to insert a wide variety of content, including interactive graphics and collaborate with other people in real time from different computers and devices. The mobile app costs the US $ 9.99.

  1. Haiku Deck

It allows you to create presentations with a very professional look and additionally select a wide variety of fonts, themes, designs and styles to create slides with a great visual appeal. It allows you to share, publish, project, or insert slides on any blog or website and to view presentations from any device with internet connection, although they can also be downloaded. It has an iOS application and includes a free trial for 7 days.

  1. Google Slides

Anyone with a Gmail account can use this tool to create your slides and collaborate with others. In addition to offering different options to create presentations such as being able to insert YouTube videos, apply designs, create transitions, among others, the tool also allows to make the presentation within the same browser or users can choose to download the slides in different formats including PowerPoint (.pptx) or PDF.

  1. SlideRocket

It is a complete tool that allows you to edit and display presentations directly from the browser, although this last task can also be done offline by downloading a slide presenter. People can import their slides from PowerPoint or Google Docs or create them from 0 through the different templates and editing tools SlideRocket offers and collaborate with others in the design of presentations. Among other features it offers, it allows easy sharing of slides through the web and with anyone. Presentations can be easily viewed through any device.