Artificial Intelligence Conferences

From SIRI to the autonomous vehicles, passing by the doctor’s diagnosis and the games, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics are progressing rapidly. The current AI is capable of performing only specific tasks, but the long-term goal is to create an AI that surpasses humans in any cognitive task.

Future artificial intelligence may be very good at meeting their objectives; however, if these objectives are not aligned with ours, we will have problems. There are many questions we can ask ourselves. Should we develop lethal weapons? What will happen to the increasing automation of jobs? Will smart machines replace us, or will we work together with them?

Today, the connection between Artificial Intelligence and marketing has become inseparable. However, many companies made this jump quickly, without adequately planning this transition. However, this passage requires a precise analysis of the needs and learning that is essential to be profitable.

Find out how artificial intelligence can be used to support a marketing strategy. What new ways of talking to consumers result from this? How will it change the work of marketing teams and the relationship between brands and consumers? How can artificial intelligence and human intelligence complement each other in an economic logic? More importantly, is traditional marketing becoming obsolete?

“What is an Artificial Intelligence?”

As a prelude to the cycle, this conference will have as its objectives to look back at the technologies behind the term artificial intelligence, and to present the philosophical, anthropological and ethical issues raised by the development of these technologies. The various concepts discussed will thus help to fuel the reflections that will be implemented throughout this cycle.

While it is often considered to be a fast-growing technology that could revolutionize our daily lives in the near future, artificial intelligence relies on precise tools and techniques, sometimes developed over many years.

The first part of this conference will, therefore, allow us to look back at the history of artificial intelligence, and to present the various technological tools, from machine learning to deep learning via the neural networks, which underlie its current development. The objective will thus be to clarify and clarify the term artificial intelligence, which can sometimes refer to very different realities and technologies.

The second part of this conference will address the human issues raised, or likely to be boosted, by the rise of artificial intelligence. This term requires questioning the very notion of data, and more broadly, of what makes human beings unique, and examining the relationship between Man and technology. It will also address the ethical issues raised by the development of artificial intelligence capable of competing with human beings in fields previously reserved for them.

Here you have a list of the Best Artificial Intelligence Conferences in 2018:

  1. RE*WORK (Boston, SF, Montreal, London, etc.)
  2. O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference (SF, NYC, Beijing, London)
  3. The AI Summit (HK, SF, Singapore, Zurich, NYC, London)
  4. Singularity University Summits (SF, Boston, NYC, San Diego, and Internationally)
  5. NYU Future Labs AI Summit (NYC)
  6. Strata Data Conference (London, NYC, Singapore, San Jose)

Artificial Intelligence every day is getting more and more popular, so if you are really keen on that staff, you would probably like to follow all upcoming events where you can learn more about new technologies. So, starting today, you should make the ultimate Artificial Intelligence conference list.